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Finger Steaks
Sent in By: Robin

Round Steak
Seasoned salt

Fry pan bottom covered with oil or Crisco
Size of the round steak depends how many you are feeding. Slice the steak in strips about half inch wide or less..{who can cut that perfect? lol}
Make the length about like a french fry or YOUR FINGERS LOL
Now your choice if you want to marinade them for a while before you cook them or not. : )
Place flour in a bowl, add a shake or two of Seasoned salt..and a few shakes of pepper! Mix well.    Shake Shake Shake Your Booty!
Heat up the fry pan to about meduim to meduim high. {ya know them stoves..gas or cook differently lol}
Now add some of your steak strips in bowl of flour cover well.. Then add to pan..
You will need a long fork..and check them until they are nice and brown..
Adjust your heat if you need to! And Walla...Done